Saturday, April 26, 2008

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret For African American Woman?

I keep reading, hearing and seeing more and more evidence of the effects of being over weight on our quality of life. Especially for African-American woman; who are the most the obese group in America.
It is just about common knowledge that the decline in health and likely hood of disease follow this pattern.
  • First your over weight and living a sedimentary lifestyle. (no-exercise)
  • Then your blood pressure and cholesterol begin to get out of wack.
  • You are gaining and retaining weight because you are over 30-now
  • Next the doctor says, "you need to loss weight" But of-course, you don't do it!
  • Now you are on blood pressure medication, and or cholesterol medication
  • Next you have some kind of disease, diabetic, cancer, arthritis
  • Next your loved ones are at the hospital hoping you make it through

I don't mean to be cold or matter of fact about any one's situation. But when we repeatedly hear reports stating that exercise prevents this, active lifestyles prevent that, all you have to do is get your heart rate up 3-times a week for 30minutes or so. We are told that a walking brisk walk everyday while eating small meals 5-to-7 times a day will work wonder on your waistline.

But we do nothing, everything in life is more important, easier, more familiar than exercise. Well, this anti-exercise lifestyle is taking its toll on our loved ones, yes our loved ones. How? If you really start to take the time to pay attention to the way that life flows, you will know deep inside that the best thing you can do for your loved ones is take care of yourself. We (especially woman) have got that completely backward, basing our self worth on how well we take care of others, while neglecting ourselves.

If you love your family don't you want to have the energy to interact with them on a high level? Don't you want to live a long healthy active life in order to create all the fantastic memories that you can? Do you want them to have to put there lives on hold again and again because you simply won't take a leading role in your own health?

Simply stated, only when you are at your best can you do the best for the ones you love. Other-wise you will burnout. You may think that you can go forever without taking time for yourself, but your physical body will let you know what the limit is by breaking down; and hopefully you live through it.

Oprah has really been driving this point home lately. She had a show on with Maria Shriver explaining how you can get lost so easily and neglect yourself.

I personally workout at home. I use programs from the internet, DVDs ect. This way I get the expertise of professional trainers while paying only once. You can do the same with awesome results. Just start slow and build up to your best life. I hope this article is helpful in some way. If you know someone that might benefit from reading it feel free to forward it to them. Here's to your health.

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