Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't Try Internet Marketing Alone!

What am I talking about?With the changes taking place in the western worlds economies, millions of people are finding themselves facing the prospect of reinventing the manner in which they make a living.

For those who only hear the news reports on tv and have yet to lose a job, this still seems very distant to them. But when people like Warren Buffet tell you that the middle class is on the way out. You better listen and adjust. I mean the guy is in the room when big time business is discussed.

Anyway many people are looking to the internet to replace job income instead of getting another job that they will surely lose at some point in the future. This is a good idea considering the growth of the internet. However, the marketing vultures also know that people are eager to start internet based home businesses.

That is where the title of this blog post comes in. I do internet marketing and in retrospect, the biggest mistake I made was not joining a internet market site/community that shared good honest, information online. Actually, I didn't know they existed! Just the forum feature is enough to save you from tons of headaches and wasted money.

Well, you make sure you don't try to go in alone. Check out this squidoo lens.

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