Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dr. Suzanne Gunakunst is blowing the whistle on America's Weight Loss problem

Who is Dr. Suzanne Gunakunst:

Dr. Gunakunst is a Arizona based physician promoting what she calls a permanent answer to weight loss and disease prevention. She has done extensive research on the subjects of colon and intestinal health. I live in Atlanta, where there is fairly strong alternative health community. I have purchased Dr. Gunakunst's research program, and I found that it fills in all the details of health theories I have heard tid-bits about in the alternative health community.

America's Weight Loss Problem:

Listen people, when you stop and think about it, the health of those of us living in the so called western world is directly connected to our body weight; which is a direct result of our diets and sedimentary lifestyles. As I write this article today my wife is currently sitting in a hospital waiting room has her sister goes under the knife for cancer.

You guessed it, she is over weight,and around 50 years old. Once her weight began to increase along with her age, the first thing was high-blood pressure, and then high cholesterol then a mild stroke and now cancer.
She was warned in no uncertain terms to change everything after the stroke,but she chose not to do so.

I know that many of you have similar personal stories. What Dr. Gundkunst is trying to do bring the truth to the masses. Like I said earlier, there are pockets of people who know this stuff, but what she is saying is no where near as well known as it needs to be; considering the condition of our health.

Countries such as Japan refuse to import our meat. Our doctors, often well meaning professionals, are caught in the middle of a drugs and surgery health care system, with very little emphasis on preventive lifestyle. To put it bluntly, the money plain and simply come before our health. We are currently in a debate on who will reform the health care system, and how they will do it. Well, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

With new and old deceases running rampant, we have to start to live differently. Now like I said, I have gone through Dr. Gunakunst's program and the lifestyle changes are not that extreme! People, especially my fellow Americans I know we are used to things being packaged a certain way. She has done that. The materials are laid out in a easy to read and understand 39-page e-document. We also drive a hard bargain; ok the price is less than most Dr. office co-pays.

And lastly, we are obsessed with good looking youthful people. Well not only is she young and hot, the models used in the materials are hot also.

As you can probably tell, this subject is kind of a pet peeve of mine. I do pretty good with my diet and exercise, but I am getting older myself and I know I am not doing enough. I think one of the best things we can do to fix the health care mess is to take personal responsibility for our own personal well being on a daily basis; which will result in a sharp decline in the need for drugs and surgery. How's that for an American idea?

Dr. G is Blowing The Whistle Weight Loss In America:

I applaud Dr. G for taking on the conventional wisdom and coming out with this program. When you read it, something deep inside tells you that it really is the truth. (boy I sounded like Oprah right then)
It is rumored that she has received death threats for doing this. If you do nothing else, go to the site below and watch the video of a parasite clinging to someone's bowels. It is estimated in medical journals that millions of us are living with parasites inside us that drain our energy, allow toxins to build up in our systems and prevent us from losing weight.

Take some kind of action while you can with or without Dr. G's program. But I am telling you right now, she has put it in a very convincing, attractive and doable package for us. Just think if we can start our kids off with these type of habits....Ok, I have to go now. My wife is callin.

Click Here:Check it out for yourself, I'm telling you this is killer!

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